Gift Certificate

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    Mechanics and Guidlines

    1. Gift Certificates can be used to purchase Blessings777 Inc. products under the “Blessed GC Product List”.
    2. No endorsement is required for using Gift Certificates in redeeming Gift Certificate products.
    3. Gift Certificates are not convertible to cash.
    4. Gift Certificates are transferrable and can be given as a gift.
    5. Actual Gift Certificates must be presented before redeeming products.
    6. Gift Certificates can be combined with cash for product purchase.
    7. The entire amount of the Gift Certificate must be used for single purchase only. Any excess amount will be forfeited.
    8. Blessings777 Inc. shall not be obliged to replace or reissue any misplaced or lost Gift Certificate.

    Full Redemption Mechanics

    An Independent Business Distributor can request for printed Gift Certificates from their dashboard. Printed Gift Certificates can be claimed at the Finance Department after 3-5 working days. An Independent Business Distributor will be required to present 1 valid ID (government issued) upon redemption.

    Gift Certificates can be used to redeem products listed under the “Blessed GC Product List” at its SRP. The company may add or remove products from the list at any time.

    Gift Certificates are not negotiable instruments.

    Products redeemed shall be claimed at the Releasing Area.