Stockist Program

  • stockist


    An effective business opportunity like no other.

    Check the new face of Blessings 777 Stockist Program where you get more than the value of your money plus own a fully paid motorcycle or motorcycle van according to your choice.


    1.1. Must be a duly registered Blessings 777 distributor.
    1.2. Must possess good moral character.
    1.3. Must be able to comply with the rules and standards set by Blessings 777.
    1.4. Must be able to attend the Elite Stockist orientation and training at Blessings 777 Head office at his own expense.
    1.5. Must be able to comply with government-regulated permits and licenses after date of appointment as a Blessings 777 Elite Stockist.
    1.6. Area of business must be based on the registered business address.