Message from the Country Head

  • Welcome to the world of health and wellness. Blessings 777, Inc. supports its new members in promoting good health and well-being. Focusing on physical health and individual improvement, our products consist of high-grade food, beverage, food supplements, natural beauty products and herbal drinks, which aim to be trusted by consumers worldwide.

    The blessing of good health nowadays is not merely confined with good genes alone.
    Over time, the chemicals we absorb, pollution, processed food, stress, lifestyle, even prescription drugs can build up on our body; elevate unhealthy level of toxins. Needless to say, all these take a toll on our overall health and well-being. These factors, along with the proliferation of different and new illnesses, health concerns, put a stamp on the need to make our products available to everyone regardless of age, gender or race.
    Fortunately, with the advent of social media, people now have immediate access on information regarding health matters. This opens the gate of knowledge and awareness on the benefits and value of the products that we carry. Our products are certified ISO, GMP, Halal, Assure, etc.

    This is the core value of our company, … our products.
    It is with pride and enthusiasm that we have brought an array of premium quality healthcare products like chlorophyll, collagen, green fiber, coffee, detox, sea buckthorn, mpx and a lot more, that promote good health and will provide an avenue for business opportunities that is both financially rewarding and socially relevant. We build and partner with people (Independent Business Distributors) to develop a financially viable program for them.
    For the past year, we are able to deliver and process all our compliances, which will develop and build trust to people. Partnered with our unique compensation plan and with the vision we have, I know that this company will fly.
    For more than 30 years of business knowledge, Blessings 777, Inc. will continue to be a promoter of good health and professional development for the years to come.

    Angelina C. Razon